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I am a hard working professional with a humble ego, so when it comes about talking about myself, I am always found in a difficulty to use big words and express my professional career in a proper way. I have tried to write a decent resume dozens of times, but I eventually realized that I am simply not capable of composing a text that would highlight my professional abilities adequately. That was the point when I realized that I should start looking for resume writing services NYC. I really thought that everything would be easy – there are plenty of resume help services online, so I would just choose one and I would have a proficiently-written document and to get me that job I was after for a long time. Well, things didn’t turn out so easy after all!


My quest for professional resume writing services in NYC

As soon as I started my quest for professional resume writers New York, I was faced with a problem – Google returned thousands of results on my search. I am familiar enough with the Internet to know that not everything should be taken for granted, but I was simply in a hurry and I didn’t have much time to read many reviews. So, you must be guessing what I did – I randomly chose one of the first results and I thought that luck would serve me just fine. I needed a strong, targeted cover letter as well in order to complement the resume, and I was willing to pay good money for it. Let me tell you about my first experience: I was not satisfied at all! I emailed the customer service and the employee wasn’t even interested to interview me and ask me what I wanted. She told me that they had a lot of experience in the field and all I needed to do is provide my CV and a short explanation about the job I was applying for. I was silly enough to think that this was how things work, so I left the work to be done by those ‘professionals’.

The first result: a total disappointment

I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that I expected wonders from the resume help New York service I first hired. I have never had a similar experience and I thought that these professionals would certainly write a better document than I was capable of. The resume was sent three days later than the deadline and when I saw how it was written, the frustration became even greater. This resume was just dry, it was like my CV being rewritten and there was nothing close to a personal touch in there. The cover letter was like something I have already seen in online examples when I was trying to write my own. Bottom line, my draft resumes and cover letters were much better than these documents I paid for. It was clear that I could not use these, so I learned my lesson – I started reading reviews and made a second (this time informed) choice.

Finally: an awesome resume in my hands!

After reading lots of online reviews from real customers, I decided to use the services of a service called Resumes Planet ( The website looked very professional and there were hundreds of positive testimonials about this service, but after my first disappointment I wasn’t expecting miracles. I asked for an available New York resume writer and I was immediately connected with one. The resume and cover letter were delivered one day sooner than we agreed upon. I was able to realize from the first glance that I was provided with a highly-personalized service and the writer really cared about writing the best resume that would express my capabilities. This was exactly what I was looking for; something that would put me in the best light. And you know what? I got the job! I truly believe that the creatively written resume and cover letter had a lot to do for me getting the interview for it.


resume writing services nyc  This post was written by our guest blogger Tracy Sandler. Tracy works with several blogs, writing about educational institutions in the New York city.

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I am a hard working professional with a humble ego, so when it comes about talking about myself, I am always found in a difficulty to use big words and express my professional career in a proper way. I have tried to write a decent resume dozens of times, but I eventually realized that I [...]

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